Are you ready to learn a new language - a COLOURFUL ONE?

It's time for YOU to pick paint colours with confidence.

Are you a homeowner or DIY'ER at the beginning of your paint colour journey? Or maybe you're a hardcore colour-lover or professional and want to take your colour skills to the NEXT LEVEL? No matter where you're at in the colour world, get the knowledge you've been craving with one of the TOP COLOUR EXPERTS in North America. Kylie M's courses have got you covered - IN COLOUR!

Meet Kylie!

Owner and Creator

Kylie Mawdsley

If you've been looking for a sassy lil Ginger with a Rolodex of paint colours spinning through her brain, you've come to the right place. I’ve always been the type of gal who marches to the beat of her own drum, which comes in darn handy in a creative industry. While I have some 'basic' post-secondary training in Interior Decorating & Design and spent a few years in the paint and decor departments of Home Depot, it's my HANDS-ON experience in 6000+ homes, along with my OBSESSIVE PASSION for colour and design that are the keys to my success. This passion, along with 400+ articles, an atypical delivery, and a reputation as a leading colour consultant in all of North America, means I am the GO-TO colour girl. If you want to learn about colours, learn from one of the best (and I'm modest too).