The ULTIMATE colour course from your favourite expert

Whether you're at the beginning of your colour journey or elbow-deep in paint swatches, this comprehensive colour course has the information and answers you've been looking for - and SO much more!

Are you ready to learn a new language - a COLOURFUL ONE?

It's time for YOU to pick paint colours with confidence.

Is this your first step into the wild and wonderful world of colour? Or perhaps you're a DIY'er who wants to learn more. Or maybe you've been doing this for YEARS and want a fresh new look at colours, rounding out your education with one of the TOP COLOUR EXPERTS in North America. Whatever your reason, this course has got you covered - IN COLOUR!


Discover why this is the course you've been looking for...


    Kylie M's focus is on REAL PEOPLE, REAL HOMES, & REAL BUDGETS. With a focus on INTERIORS, you're going to learn about colour in a manner that's applicable to budget-friendly and 'love where you live' kind of projects, while still being MASSIVELY applicable to new construction and full remodels!


    You're not going to find many over-styled, over-budget or over-edited homes in this course. Instead, you'll find REAL homes; homes just like yours being made their most beautiful with COLOUR! These images, along with tools, techniques and tricks of the trade will make what you learn so much easier to apply to your OWN home or your client's home.


    While you won't find actual 'colourful language' in this course (thank goodness for editors), you will find Kylie's unique voice to be a down-to-earth, fun approach to the many ins and outs of the colour world. This is your ultimate REALITY-BASED, USER-FRIENDLY course and lifelong REFERENCE guide on colour.


And this is just a start...

  • THE FUNDAMENTALS. Every course includes The FUNDAMENTALS, which are the building blocks to your colour education. You'll find lessons on: colour palettes, contrast, exposures, light bulbs, LRV, wood finishes, and SO MUCH MORE!

  • COLOUR GROUPS. Depending on the courses you choose, you'll learn the ins and outs of using these colours in your home or your client's home. This includes lessons on: undertone, chroma, LRV, useage, along with DOZENS of tips & tricks of the trade.

  • EXERCISES. These exercises will have you comparing, contrasting and playing around with colour all in the comfort of your own home (insert wine here).

  • EXCLUSIVE 4K VIDEOS. Quick and helpful videos for additional value.

  • A FOCUS ON INTERIORS. While this course is focused on the interior of your home, the COLOURFUL LANGUAGE you'll be learning can be applied to the exterior of your home too!

  • LIFETIME ACCESS. Not only have you purchased your course for now, you've purchased it FOREVER, to use as a REFERENCE GUIDE for future projects. You'll also receive any course updates for FREE!



    Do you want to learn how to choose colours for your own home, creating rooms you LOVE to live in? THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU! You'll have increased confidence and the foundation you need to find each room's best paint colour while honouring your personal tastes (and budget). Your friends and family will be impressed with your newfound knowledge and before you know it, they'll be asking you to help them choose colours for their homes too!


    Is it your dream to become a Colour Consultant, Decorator or Designer and you know that an education in colour is the key to your success? THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU! This course is 100% dedicated to your colour education, giving you the FOUNDATION you need to make your business a success!


    Do you already have a foothold in the design world and want to take your colour education to the next level? THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU! I'm here to help you round out your education with a course that's 100% dedicated to paint colours; improving your colour confidence so you can offer an even more exceptional client experience.


To keep this price of this course as low as possible, I don't mail out swag bags or paint fan decks. Instead, there's a basic list of supplies you'll be grabbing to get started on your colour journey; which means you can even start TODAY!


  • BENJAMIN MOORE FAN DECKS: COLLECTIONS, CLASSICS, & COLOUR PREVIEW (3). To get full benefit from this course and its exercises, it's IDEAL if you have both brand's fan decks. However, if budget/access is a consideration, please choose one. Keep in mind, you can ask to borrow fan decks from your local store or order them online - they're a wise investment!


  • A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR (wink wink)

Meet Kylie!

Owner and Creator

Kylie Mawdsley

If you've been looking for a sassy lil Ginger with a Rolodex of paint colours spinning through her brain, you've come to the right place. I’ve always been the type of gal who marches to the beat of her own drum, which comes in darn handy in a creative industry. While I have some 'basic' post-secondary training in Interior Decorating & Design and spent a few years in the paint and decor departments of Home Depot, it's my HANDS-ON experience in 6000+ homes, along with my OBSESSIVE PASSION for colour and design that are the keys to my success. This passion, along with 400+ articles, an atypical delivery, and a reputation as a leading colour consultant in all of North America, means I am the GO-TO colour girl. If you want to learn about colours, learn from one of the best (and I'm modest too).