The WARMER end of things...


    The Fundamentals are the backbone to your experience; taking your colour education to the next level by creating a solid FOUNDATION to choose paint colours from. And they're not just fundamental - they're FUN! You'll be learning how LRV, exposures, light bulbs, wood stains and SO MUCH MORE relate to your paint colour experience.


    Beige and tan paint colours are easy to choose once you understand the colours you want to work with and how they relate to your home and its finishes. By applying the tools you'll be learning in The FUNDAMENTALS, you're going to develop skills for choosing the BEST paint colour for you and your home based on a colour's undertones, LRV, the exposure of your room and so much more!


    While beige and gray ebb and flow in popularity, cream NEVER goes out of style when it's in the right room with the right undertones. By applying the new skills you'll be mastering in The FUNDAMENTALS, you'll learn how to use cream in your own home; whether you're coordinating it to existing finishes or creating a colour palette from scratch!


    Craving a little COLOUR in your life? Whether you're painting a room or a front door, you're going to have fun learning about the more COLOURFUL end of the warm world! While these more intense colours aren't as popular as the neutral range, for those who lean towards the more 'colourful' end of things, they're great options for rooms, cabinets, doors and SO much more. Using the skills you'll develop in The FUNDAMENTALS, along with the BEIGE, TAN, & CREAM course, you'll learn how to pick the best 'colour' for you AND your home!