Welcome to the wild and wonderful worlds of white and black!


    The Fundamentals are the backbone to your experience; taking your colour education to the next level by creating a solid FOUNDATION to choose paint colours from. And they're not just fundamental - they're FUN! You'll be learning how LRV, exposures, light bulbs, wood stains and SO MUCH MORE relate to your paint colour experience.


    There's no colour that touches more surfaces in a home than white. Whether it's on walls, trims, ceilings, or cabinets, you'll learn how to pick THE BEST WHITE for your home; whether you have existing finishes to work with or are starting from scratch! Get ready to discover the FIVE different types of whites, undertones, LRVs, and how they relate to interior surfaces and exposures. And you won't just learn about the most common surfaces, you'll learn how to choose the best white paint colour for tricky situations too.


    Black is a classic colour in the world of decorating and design. Learn how to use black in your own home on walls, cabinets, doors, or any surface that strikes your fancy. And while it might not be as all-consuming as white, you might just be surprised at what you learn about the DARKER end of things!